Automate Your Repetitive Amazon Tasks

Tools for Amazon Vendors, Sellers, and Agencies

Hire our robots as your next employee!


Advertising Bid Suggestions

Get Manual/Automatic Bid Suggestions on your Keywords

Set your Advertising ROI and let us update your bids to track those ROI Goals

Advertising Global Negative Bids

Setup negative exact keywords once, we'll push them to every new campaign that you create

Campaign-specific keywords are normal part of the process, but the most annoying thing is needing to remember those Account-wide Negatives that are always added to all campaigns. We keep track and push them to all your campaigns.


Advertising A/B Test Brand Video Ads

Create 2 Video Ads targeting the same product, VDB will toggle the ads to maintain similar impressions while keeping the bids synced.

Finally! Videos are becoming more and more important to a successful and long-term Ad strategy. Now you can run disciplined A/B tests without trying to keep all bids the same manually.

Agency Client Billing

Set a monthly commission rate and minimum, send invoices or charge their card on-file.

100% PCI compliant integration with Stripe. Or send regular PDF invoices to clients


Sellers can Automate their Supplier POs

We sync Amazon Inventory Planning Every Day, and can Send POs and Shipping labels to your Suppliers

We keep your inventory in sync with SellerCentral and let you assign Suppliers and create Purchase Orders. Depending on your FBA needs, we can also provide FBA & UPS labels.

Vendor Chargeback Summary

Import your Chargeback Files and We will continually organize and monitor

Always know the most about amazon chargebacks, set alerts


Vendor Live DF Inventory

Forward your Inventory file VIA Email or FTP, and we can push it to VendorCentral

Automate your Direct Fulfillment Inventory with any technical knowledge! You can send us your inventory through email on a regular basis or provide FTP Access. We convert it to Amazon's format and upload automatically!

Vendor PO Tracker

Convert your VendorCentral PO History into Actionable & Aggregated Data!

Know exactly how many units of each SKU were Accepted/Cancelled on a weekly cadence.

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